Candice E. Sone


Candice Sone is an accomplished abstract artist whose paintings are emblematic of her passion for life and connection to the world around her. Her belief that art should inspire and nourish the soul and mind is evident in her body of work. Candice’s paintings are large, expressive, fluid masses of color that stimulate an intimate connection with the viewer.

Her technique of painting with brushes, palette knives, and her fingers allows her to stay connected to the spontaneity and intuitive knowledge of her creative energy. She strives to create an ambiguity with her art so viewers can interpret their own meaning of each piece.

These aspects of her art and her process are depicted in a series of paintings exploring the water and sky. Inspired by her love of Lake Michigan and her passion for diving, these seascapes juxtapose the power of nature and the turbulence of life against the serenity of a calm breeze and a gentle wake at dawn. Collectively, they represent a range of emotions and experiences with which everyone can relate.

Candice earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from the University of Illinois where she also studied painting. Her studio is currently located at Houston Station in Nashville, TN. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Chicago and Nashville. Currently, some of her work is being exhibited at Peacock Alley in Nashville. She has been featured in Nashville Arts Magazine, Chicago Home Book, Nashville House & Home, and Tennessee House & Home. Her paintings can be found in many private and public collections throughout the United States.